At Difesa, we vow to improve our service quality by keeping our team members updated with the latest trends and technologies so that, they never fail in giving you the best protection.

Having a decade of experience in the field of management and operations, Sunil realized his visions are growing within. His ideas were giving him a self-assurance that he is skilled and experienced enough to run an individual business and employ 100’s of people

Without any delay, by combining all the clusters of his ideas, in 2007 Difesa security services started. Starting with 5 people, Difesa has overcome the challenges and hindrances that any new company will face. There was a huge challenge in front of Sunil that, to get more clients and provide employment to others, he had to convince his newly joined staff to be skilled enough to handle security services. With the successful management of his team, his decade of learnings assisted him. In fact, his efforts are now being fruitful with the completion of 10 years and Difesa has given the life to 800+ people that are professionally trained in providing security services.

Difesa deliberately focuses on the regional level personnel. Sunil believes that training people from a regional level is much satisfying, as they will have an urge to learn and make their life better. Their dedication and attentiveness magnetize us to make them more skillful and give them the opportunities they deserve.

Our team consists of experts and professionals, like:

  • Operation Director
  • Operation manager
  • Area Manager
  • Field Officers
  • Supervisors
  • Ex-army personnel

Why Difesa

Having the ex-army personnel and experienced retired police persons onboard the team, the agency takes pride in serving the customers with the safest and the most reliable services both in industrial and personal protection in the city.

How We Work

We are determined at providing the best security services and 24/7 accessibility to top management in the city. So, we strictly follow an ethical framework.

1. Background Scrutiny

Appoint the right people by scrutinizing them closely.

2. Professional Training

Provide a minimum of 48 man-hours of annual training to each employee.

3. Machinery Installation

Adapt Technology and Continual Improvement methodologies.