Educational Institutes Security Services

Technology-enabled security services to maintain supreme safety of the students, teachers, staff, and all-time preventative measures for any kind of emergencies in the premises.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Security Officer

The guard should maintain a register of the visitors, drivers, and housekeepers. They should check the Students’ and staff’s ID cards before allowing them inside the premises. Before taking charge, he has to check the items in the Security main gate.

He will check if the classrooms and lobby areas are neat and clean otherwise and inform the housekeeping supervisor. After the class hours, the guard has to close down all windows and doors and ensure no student is inside the premises.

The guard should regularly check that the CCTV cameras are in the proper direction. He must also ensure if the facility office has authorized any maintenance or other work.

Parking Area

The guard shall ensure the vehicles are not parked in pathways but in the respective parking slots. He also ensures that all assets of the school/college in the parking areas are protected against any theft.

The guard must not permit any unknown or unidentified vehicle to enter the parking area. He is to observe and take care of all the fire equipment and the hydrants.

Main Gate Security Check

The guard at the main gate should maintain a register and update the in-out time of vehicles, vendors, contractors, and other staff. He should frisk & check the personal belongings of the sub-staff and check every bag and parcel entering the premises with a metal detector.

He should also make sure that the gates are locked from 6 pm to 6 am. If he enters the premises after 11 am, it must be recorded in the register, including school staff.

Unauthorized Entry

The guard has to operate a Boom Barrier to allow or prohibit entry of vehicles, visitors, vendors, and others. They are responsible for preventing the unauthorized entry of salespeople into the building premises for promoting their products.

To prevent unauthorized or illegal entry, they always check for identification and maintain a register to keep records updated.

Duties & Responsibilities of Security officer

The Security Officer sits in the rear gate security cabin and constantly keeps an eye on the security personnel deployed in different areas. During his shift, he carries out the following duties in addition to the duties described previously or that shall be instructed from time to time:

  • Ensure that all shift changes are done accordingly.
  • Ensure that all gate passes are signed by the appropriate authorized person and cross-checked with the list provided.
  • Seek deficiencies in the facility security systems and recommend improvements.
  • Ensure all visitors are issued with visitor passes and are escorted by security staff to the designated responsible person.
  • Ensure contractors/ vendors do not loiter around the facility and ensure to check the registers every 01 Hour and also During Handing/Taking Over of the shift and highlight the unauthorized/wrong entries and bring the same into the knowledge of the facility manager daily by recording the same into Log register.
  • Ensure all contractors/vendors have the appropriate level of authorization and identification and are frisked during Entry and exit by the Security Guard at Gates.
  • Ensure checks are undertaken to ensure all fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, etc. appear to be in good working order and log the report into the log register.
  • Provide First Aid assistance as required.
  • Do extensive patrolling.
  • Trained in Emergency Response and Fire Fighting.


The Security Officer supervises that all Security guards are appropriately dressed in the standard security uniform and report for duty at least 15 minutes before the commencement of their shift. He ensures all staff understand the post orders and are sufficiently competent in the requirements of the post orders.

He is also responsible for reporting to the Admin Manager and monitoring the guards’ alertness at all times, ensuring they do not leave the place unmanned.


His duties also include managing the CCTV, providing Security reports and updates as required by the senior Admin manager. He monitors the Access control procedures and ensures all guards are following the process accordingly.

Log Book Maintaining

The Security Officer is responsible for checking all security Registers and Log Books are correctly entered and kept up to date at all times. He is to ensure all post guards maintain a log book which should be periodically checked to ensure compliance.

Main Exit Vehicle Control

The guard’s duty at the exit gate is to check the vehicles before exiting, maintaining their route so after coming out from the exit to the main road, they don’t turn towards one way. 

Under his supervision, daily security checks are undertaken. And issues are reported immediately to the Admin Manager.

DG room/LT room Security

  • The guard posted at the entrance of the DG/LT Room is to take care of all the machines, fire equipment & fire panel.
  • The guard should restrict the entry of people inside the DG/LT Room. He should allow only authorized people after making an entry in the register.
  • During the filling up of Diesel, he has to inform the S/Sup or SO to note down the quantity. He is to make constant vigilance to avoid the pilferage of diesel.


  • The patrolling guard has to undertake periodic rounds of the common areas of the premises and parking areas. He should check all storerooms located in common areas, basement parking, etc. are locked and secure.
  • Supervising other guards’ alertness during their duty, reporting any damages or missing items of Apartment to S/Sup, Security Officer and taking care of the traffic during peak hours in the main entrance – are some of the Patrolling guard’s responsibilities.

Pump Room

A pump room guard’s responsibilities include preventing unauthorized entry into the pump room, taking care of all fire equipment that is inside the pump room, maintaining a register of in-out timing, and keeping track of material coming and going out of the pump room.


Guards are to ensure no unauthorized people or residents reach the terrace and allow only authorized people with a proper entry in the register with in/out time. If any untoward incident happens on the terrace, he should immediately inform S/Sup or Security Officer. He should not leave the post without a reliever.


Along with operating the lift, a Lift Guard has several duties to perform. He should not allow any material in the passenger lift and closely monitor and check all the material movements through the service lift.

The lift guard will not allow any unauthorized person to use the service lift. In case the lift gets stuck, he should open the lift’s doors using the emergency key as soon as possible and give the information to the in charge.

Swimming Pool

The guard should keep a register properly recording the user’s in/out time at the pool area, taking care of the children’s safety, and patrol around the assigned area.

In case of emergency, he immediately has to take necessary steps and call out the nearest guard for help and inform the in charge.