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Duties and Responsibilities of Security Officer

A Security Officer is responsible for supervising the security personnel to check their alertness, discipline, and efficiency. He briefs all security guards of their duty posts with specific duties and responsibilities and guides them. The other major duties include

  • To ensure all security personnel under his unit report for their respective shift on time and with the proper turn-out.
  • To maintain and keep safe custody of all security-related documents belonging to his unit.
  • To ensure that the laid down procedure for material movement is followed properly.
  • To ensure all materials coming in or going out are supported with proper authorization such as invoices, delivery challans, and outward gate passes are authenticated by an authorized signatory.
  • To monitor the movement of visitors, vendors, agency workers of his block and take action if he notices any suspicious activity.
  • To ensure visitors are issued with visitor badges or passes and display them while in the block.
  • To adhere to the instructions of the ESPL Property/Building manager on security and safety-related issues.
  • To inform about the policy changes during the briefing session.
  • To frisk all guarding staff’s body or bag before leaving the site.

Main Entrance Security

The security guard is responsible for maintaining security at the main entrance by inspecting and patrolling premises regularly, authorizing the entrance of people and vehicles, and monitoring surveillance cameras. Additionally, they measure the body temperature of each visitor and make sure their face is covered with masks and use sanitizer.

Vehicles Check

The guards ensure that all vehicles are checked and visitors are screened properly at the main entrance of the apartment to prevent unauthorized entry of personnel and vehicles inside the premises.

They also make sure that the water tanker vehicle fills the tank properly and before exiting the premises, they must check if the vehicle is empty. Besides, the incoming materials are to be checked at entry and directed to S/Sup for checking the DC, Invoice, etc.

Unauthorized Entry

The guard has to operate a Boom Barrier to allow or prohibit entry of vehicles, visitors, vendors, and others. They are responsible for preventing the unauthorized entry of salespeople into the building premises for promoting their products.

To prevent unauthorized or illegal entry, they always check for identification and maintain a register to keep records updated.

Maid-servants entry-exit

The guards closely observe the passes of maidservants and make the entry of the maid after taking confirmation from the owner. They also maintain a register to keep the record of entry-exit time, name, purpose, house, or building number of the maids and visitors.

No-Parking at the Entrance

They must ensure that there is no gathering of vehicles near the entry gate, all pathways are clear, and no vehicles are parked in ‘No Parking’ areas. They should guide the visitors seeking assistance politely and cordially.

Basement or Parking Area

The basement guard shall ensure the vehicles are not parked in pathways but the respective parking slots. He also ensures that all assets of the apartment in the parking areas are protected against any theft.

The guard must not permit any unknown or unidentified vehicle to enter the parking area. He is to observe and take care of all the fire equipment and the hydrants.

Main Exit Security Check

The guard should ensure that all materials going out have a valid gate pass and are checked while going out after verification of the gate pass. They should also search for any concealed or unauthorized materials before allowing them to leave the premises.

Main Exit Vehicle Control

Securing the main exit of an apartment is equally important as the entrance. The guard’s duty at the exit gate is to check the vehicles before exiting, maintaining their route so after coming out from the exit to the main road they don’t turn towards one way. They also ensure that no vehicles enter from the exit gate.

DG room/LT room Security

  • The guard posted at the entrance of the DG/LT Room is to take care of all the machines, fire equipment & fire panel.
  • The guard should restrict the entry of people inside the DG/LT Room. He should allow only authorized people after making an entry in the register.
  • During the filling up of Diesel, he has to inform the S/Sup or SO to note down the quantity. He is to make constant vigilance to avoid the pilferage of diesel.


  • The patrolling guard has to undertake periodic rounds of the common areas of the premises and parking areas. He should check all storerooms located in common areas, basement parking, etc. are locked and secure.
  • Supervising other guards” alertness during their duty, reporting any damages or missing items of Apartment to S/Sup, Security Officer and taking care of the traffic during peak hours in the main entrance – are some of the Patrolling guard’s responsibilities.

Pump Room

A pump room guard’s responsibilities include preventing unauthorized entry into the pump room, taking care of all fire equipment that is inside the pump room, maintaining a register of in-out timing, and keeping track of material coming and going out of the pump room.


Guards are to ensure no unauthorized people or residents reach the terrace and allow only authorized people with a proper entry in the register within/out time. If any untoward incident happens on the terrace, he should immediately inform S/Sup or Security Officer. He should not leave the post without a reliever.


Along with operating the lift, a Lift Guard has several duties to perform. He should not allow any material in the passenger lift and closely monitor and check all the material movements through the service lift.


The lift guard will not allow any unauthorized person to use the service lift. In case the lift gets stuck, he should open the lift’s doors using the emergency key as soon as possible and give the information to the in charge.

Swimming Pool

The guard should keep a register properly maintaining the user’s in/out time at the pool area, taking care of the children’s safety, and keeping patrolling around the assigned area.

In case of emergency, he immediately has to take necessary steps and call out the nearest guard for help and inform the in charge.