Simple Solutions for Security and Facility Management

Managing Facility and securing a home or business is hard. It doesn’t have to be.

All-in-one Safety

Security & Facility Guaranteed

24/7 Surveillance

Eyes everywhere, every second

Technical Installations

Armed with latest technology

Emergency Management

Instant expert support


Alltime affordable service

Standard Practice

For first-class protection

Security Services

Strongest manpower security in the city for your protection

Physical Security

We take exceptional security measures to protect people, property, and physical assets from damage, harm, or loss

Manpower security

Our Manpower Security service has the top demand and value to our clients for the powerful security and sincerity

Armed Security

Trained and licensed fire-armed security guards to provide tight security for big or small events, confidential meetings, etc.

Bouncers and Bodyguards

Professional and disciplined Bouncers and Bodyguards for event management, celebrity protection, exhibition security, stage, and entry management.

Security of Women

Our frontline lady-guards leave no space for any mischievous event to happen with the women and provide complete women security.

Electronic Security Solutions

An advanced and affordable tech-driven security solution to protect your confidential business and personal assets from internal and external theft.

Patrols/Quick Reaction Teams

Quick Reaction Team (QRT) operation includes intense checking and patrolling at sensitive locations like railways stations, bus stands, busy market areas, etc.

Event Security Services

Our professional security agents first prepare a security plan for the event followed by assigning the armed and unarmed security guards at the right places.

Executive Protection

We provide Executive Protection for intensifying the guarding power to mitigate risks and aggravate the safety of the VIPs, ministers, and celebrities.

Fire Officers/Wardens/Marshals

To combat any unfortunate fire hazards, our experienced fire officers, and wardens or fire marshals perform heroic stunts for controlling the fire as soon as possible and bring safety to the people.

Vehicle Escort Services

Safeguard your vehicles with our supremely equipped vehicle escort service at an affordable price.

Security Consultation

Get security consultation from our security professionals and opt for the service that best suits your requirements and fits your budget as well.

Facility Management Services

Specialized support through quality management

Housekeeping services

Through innovation, commitment, and practices, our experienced staff performs housekeeping duties at your premises to maintain hygiene and keep the ambiance visually appealing.

Cleaning Services

Our group of experts takes utmost care and all hygiene measures in terms of sanitization and disinfection to assure your health welfare.

Operations & Maintenance

Our all-around expertise helps us extensively to fulfill your operational and maintenance requirements in every possible area.

Pest Control

Eco-friendly pest control services to remove pests, bugs, and insects and prevent them from coming back at a competitive price.

Garden Development

Garden lay-out, garden maintenance, lawn maintenance, and pest control services are provided with utmost care at a low rate.

Restoration of Marble stone Flooring

Our marble floor restoration service includes polishing, removing scratches and stains from the tiles, and enhancing the shine of the floor.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment service to efficiently remove the contaminants from the wastewater by conducting both physical and chemical treatments.

Waste Management Service

We provide waste management services that consist of waste collection, waste transfer, and waste disposal, and recycling to create a clean environment.

Electrical Maintenance

Our electrical facility services include electrical repair, maintenance, panel labeling, replacements, electrical inspections, home rewiring, and installations.

Carpentry and Plumbing

All kinds of carpentry and plumbing services are available at a very reasonable rate.

DG Set Maintenance

In a diesel generator set maintenance service, the maintainer will check oil, air, and fuel filters, hoses, belt tension, coolant level, and any fluid leaks in the generator.

Facade Cleaning

Interior and exterior facade cleaning services are provided for offices, hotels, shopping malls, theatres, etc.

Emergency services

Immediate action from our emergency team for any dreadful events like fire prevention, building collapse, ambulance, accidents, or traffic management, etc.

Electromechanical services

An experts team of engineers provide maintenance of all assets of electrical and mechanical systems to ensure their optimum performance.

Water treatment plant

Get water treatment plant repairs, regular supervisions, and preventative maintenance services at an affordable price.

Mailroom solutions

Efficient handling of mails and parcels, organizing, sorting, and delivering to the right place.

PSS Solution
"We had recommended Mr. Sunil NJ, Founder of Difesa Security Services to our client Century Pragati Apartments, Bannerghatta Road. We have received a testimonial from Century Pragati Apartment Owners Association stating that "Difesa Security Services has fulfilled our community security needs. We are very satisfied with the level of care and professional service they are providing. Their security personnel is very active, diligent, honest, and punctual. We will continue providing them contracts also recommend them for our know connection"

Sudha P S
Founder, PSS Solution